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The Alien 2020 – Stock Picks for 2021

by Dimitrios Koutsoumpos

What an alien year 2020 was. I wish you and whoever you love to be healthy, and I hope for a return to normality in 2021. Outside Greece, stock prices have returned to the pre-pandemic levels, whereas in Greece we are close to reach them. Prices, especially for shorter periods, can be illusionary. What do you think? Are you a bad investor if your portfolio declined -40% until March? Are you a great investor if it doubled later on? Read More

Is Selling a Stock a Difficult Decision? (Video)

In this video, I explain why in most cases selling is not a difficult decision. However, in a few cases it can be a very tough decision. Watch to learn why!

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The 5 Ways to Lose Money in the Stock Market (Video)

Dimitrios Koutsoubos describes the 5 ways that people lose their money in the stock market. The video contains true examples that will help you comprehend the ideas.

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When P/E Fails: 8 Cases (Video)

In this video, Dimitrios Koutsoubos presents 8 Cases that P/E Fails, including explanation and examples. P/E is probably the most important valuation metric on how cheap a stock is. Watching the previous video first will help you comprehend P/E, so you can better understand this video:

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My 2 Seeking Alpha Articles: AMD & Coronavirus

By Dimitrios Koutsoubos

Recently, I uploaded two new articles on Seeking Alpha. In the first one, I updated my “short” thoughts on AMD. In the second one, I wrote about the coronavirus situation and how it is connected to the stock market in four steps. The AMD article is only available to Seeking Alpha Pro users, but the article about the coronavirus is still open. Read it before it gets locked.

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Karatzis Group: Growth, Extroversion, Diversification

By Dimitrios Koutsoubos

In Athinon Avenue—where Athens Stock Exchange is located—, prices have gone up this year, bringing even the small and micro cap stocks higher. Thus, finding profit making and growth firms in low prices has become difficult now, despite intense research. Only very few, abandoned by investors and little known stocks, meet those criteria. Occasionally, this happens when the growth of such stocks lack the growth of their fundamental figures, as retail investors do not recheck and evaluate. Karatzis SA (KARTZ), seems to be one of them. Read More