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Value Investors: The True Robin Hoods

by Dimitrios Koutsoumpos

A value investor’s job is to buy the unfairly cheap, and pocket the difference between the price and the value as long term profit. This activity has a socially beneficial byproduct, the strengthening of the “invisible hand”. The “invisible hand” is Adam Smith’s metaphor for describing how self-interest pushes prices and production to levels that are optimal for society. Read More

The Alien 2020 – Stock Picks for 2021

by Dimitrios Koutsoumpos

What an alien year 2020 was. I wish you and whoever you love to be healthy, and I hope for a return to normality in 2021. Outside Greece, stock prices have returned to the pre-pandemic levels, whereas in Greece we are close to reach them. Prices, especially for shorter periods, can be illusionary. What do you think? Are you a bad investor if your portfolio declined -40% until March? Are you a great investor if it doubled later on? Read More

Is Selling a Stock a Difficult Decision? (Video)

In this video, I explain why in most cases selling is not a difficult decision. However, in a few cases it can be a very tough decision. Watch to learn why!

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The 5 Ways to Lose Money in the Stock Market (Video)

Dimitrios Koutsoubos describes the 5 ways that people lose their money in the stock market. The video contains true examples that will help you comprehend the ideas.

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13 Years Ago: Revisiting My First Investing Article (Video)

In this video, Dimitrios Koutsoubos revisits his first article, written 13 years ago. Going back is a great opportunity for learning some lessons.

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BT Group: An “Oasis” Of Value

Recently, I uploaded a new article on Seeking Alpha about the BT Group (BT). The undervalued stock trades for a P/E of 6.5x, and is one of the most strategic, defensive and stable companies. For more details, see the full article on Seeking Alpha here. Read More