Article Writers

Dimitrios Koutsoubos

Dimitrios Koutsoubos, MS’c in Economic Analysis, has been applying Value Investing since 2000. He thinks that the best and safest way to investing is through implementing long term holding strategies that focus in fundamentals and value investing.  He is the founder and owner of Investorblog.

Γιώργος ΚαισάριοςGeorge Kesarios

George Kesarios is an independent analyst and article writer. He has been expressing his opinion about markets since 2000 at His views are occasionally presented in greek and foreign press. He studied Computer Engineering in New York Institute of Technology and then dealt with Venture Capital in New York. He is married with 3 children, living in Athens, Greece since 1995.

Miltiadis Kotziabasis

A teacher, a stock market person in theory and practice, a blogger, a fanatic reader of books, a sailor, a skier, a climber, a snorkeler, a walker and a trip lover. Engaging with stock market have started since crazy 90’s. As a child, he was impressed by observing people in the bubble’s madness. He followed a different career path, but he never stopped being attracted by stock market’s strange and unknown world. He thinks that everyone, regardless of profession, can deal with the stock market, if he reads a lot and be disciplined in his moves. He is committed to prove it.  He is married and a father of 2 children.

Panos Gitas

He was born (1987) and raised in Thessaloniki. He studied Biology at University of Thessaloniki and he is MC’s in Medical IT, University of Thessaloniki. He has been working for a pharmaceutical company since 2010. He has been dealing with the stock market since 2007. He believes that profit in stocks comes through patience, knowledge and a strong personality.

Petros Panagopoulos

Petros Panagopoulos is an Electrical Engineer (MS’c) working for the public sector. As an amateur, he deals with economics for more than 20 years, living the everyday history of the Athens Stock Exchange. He is a pure Value Investor and his investing criteria are fundamentals and prospects.


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