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Is Selling a Stock a Difficult Decision? (Video)

In this video, I explain why in most cases selling is not a difficult decision. However, in a few cases it can be a very tough decision. Watch to learn why!

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Equities: The Power of Predicting What, Ignoring When

By Dimitrios Koutsoubos

As the saying goes, “make me a prophet and I will make you rich”. It reveals the great importance of a prophecy, but deeply implies that very few are the things that we can predict with accuracy and certainty. So, why can’t we focus on those that we can predict with relative certainty? The easiest way to become a successful prophet is not to define time. Read More

Evan Bleker Interview: “My portfolio has a 31% CAGR”

Dear readers,

some interesting foreign stock ideas presented on Investorblog, were taken from The Broken Leg run by Evan Bleker. We feel lucky to have him with us today to answer some questions.

Dimitrios Koutsoubos: Hi Evan, thanks for being with us today! You indeed discover and present really undervalued stocks on your sites. Will you share your secrets with us? Read More