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13 Years Ago: Revisiting My First Investing Article (Video)

In this video, Dimitrios Koutsoubos revisits his first article, written 13 years ago. Going back is a great opportunity for learning some lessons.

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Understanding P/E in Stocks – Quick & Easy Example (Video)

This video will help you understand P/E, which is probably the most important valuation metric in stocks. Dimitrios Koutsoumpos gives an easy example (BT Group PLC), and highlights the essence of the formula.

The 5 Best Investing Books

by Dimitrios Koutsoubos

In this single article you will find the 5 best investing books, very carefully selected: (1)The one to start with, (2) the “bible” of investing, (3) the most inspiring story, (4) the most practical, (5) the mind-changing one, if you are already advanced.

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5 Greek Stocks for Intelligent Investors

By Dimitrios Koutsoubos

Dear Investorblog’s friends, I received the above message from a student. Like in similar cases, I prefer to answer in public, so that more of you can reach these thoughts, and for the opportunity of discussion.

We have given a homework about Greek stocks and we would like you to tell us 5-6 that an intelligent investor would choose and why. “Why” is more important for us. Thank you in advance.

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Nireus Stock Skyrocketed, Galaxidi waiting!

By Dimitrios Koutsoubos

Aquaculture is a special sector for the greek stock market. It is one of the few remaining productive and extroverted sectors, but having a lot of troubles and aggressive characteristics, as reflected in stock valuation and volatility. 2015 was critical due to the recapitalization of those companies’ debt coinciding with price recovery of their product. Nireus’s stock (NIR), followed by Selonda (SELO), have rallied in the last few days. On the contrary, Galaxidi Aquaculture (GALAX), despite avoiding a recapitalization, has lost half of its value. This phenomenon should draw the attention of a Value Investor.

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