Thrace Plastics: Large, Extroverted, Undervalued

By Dimitrios Koutsoubos

People not keen on the greek stock market, namely most Greeks, and the Greek micro-investors who are mostly used to buy only banks, both think that the greek stockĀ  market has been totally destroyed. They probably ignore that a small group of greek companies which have turned their attention abroad, are growing and produce more and more earnings. They do global sales either by choice, or due to their nature. This is a fortunate fact for their employees, the greek economy, the society and state’s income. But unfortunately for value hunters, this “fishing ground” is getting better and better known among investors, so larger extroverted companies are no longer cheap. Now, undervalued and extorverted are only found in Small Caps. It is very interesting that Thrace Plastics (PLAT), which is somewhat larger -especially for the greek stock market standards-, has ratios that show undervaluation.

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